Pet Friendly Hotels: Accommodating Fido In style

Key West, Florida, San Francisco With a host of pet-friendly hotels across the U.S. , there’s no longer any reason to stress about leaving Fido in a kennel while the rest of the family sets off on vacation.

The first step is to conduct a thorough search for pet-friendly lodging in your destination city. While all continental states possess a myriad of pet motels, online searches revealed the following states and cities proved to be particularly welcoming to your four-legged family members: Florida (Jacksonville, Orlando, and Key West), California (San Diego and San Francisco), Texas, Las Vegas, GeorgiaNorth Carolina, and Tennessee.

Reserve your accommodations in advance and check with the motel to find out if there are any additional fees or restrictions. Make sure to get a copy of your pet’s vaccinations and any medications, in addition to having them current on all vaccinations. It’s a good idea to have a list of emergency vets’ names in your destination area.

Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas, Georgia, North CarolinaWhen traveling by air, check with the airline for a list of their requirements for transporting animals. Certain airlines will not carry Brach cephalic (pug-nosed) breeds of dogs, which are more susceptible to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke. Some cats, such as Persians, can be similarly affected. It’s not wise to travel with pets in unusually hot or cold temperatures, as the cargo holding areas will reflect the temperatures. In some cases, it might be wise to speak with your vet about providing your pet with a tranquilizer during the trip.

Many buses and trains allow pets to travel free- check in advance. Schedule your trip at less-crowded times to ease your pet’s nervousness.

We have located great pet friendly hotels in great destination spots!  Be sure to view our hotels, motels and resorts for the following great cities:  San Francisco, San Diego, Asheville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Memphis, Albuquerque, Jacksonville, Key West, Florence and Orlando!

Think Jacksonville!

Jacksonville is a city steeped in culture and style. There are so many things for you to do in Jacksonville, you can take in some of the classic entertainment or enjoy the river lifestyle or you can sit back and relax on one of their many gorgeous white beaches. There is a definite flavor of the Spanish and the French in the glorious city of Jacksonville and it is one that you can both taste and feel.

In Jacksonville you will never run out of things to do. You can visit the Fort Caroline National Memorial, which is dedicated to the French, and the Indian people who worked and fought together to battle the Spanish when they came. Here you will get a real feel for what it must have bee like for these early people to live in such a place as Jacksonville as it was then. The city may have changed I the years since but the people are still as strong and fascinating today as they were back then.

Savannah-Pet Friendly Hotels

There is nothing better than eating in Savannah. The food is beyond words, it is sinful and it is full of flavor and good cheer. Savannah is what southern hospitality is all about. In Savannah you will have your choice of the best hotels and the best restaurants in all of the southern states. And not only is Savannah the kind of place that you can bring the whole family to, it is the kind of place hat you can bring your pets as well. Everyone will have a ball in Savannah.

There are over 45 different cultural attractions in Savannah alone. There are many tours that you and your family can take to learn all of the rich history of this fabulous place. And there is no better place for you to enjoy all of your favorite water sports. You can go fishing, boating, water skiing or kayaking. You can even go on a wonderful dolphin tour while you are here. But it does not end there, the nightlife in Savannah is just as rich, with great theater and concerts that the whole family will enjoy together.


Traveling With Your Pets

South Carolina, Florence, Key West, Asheville Pet Friendly HotelsIf traveling by car, it’s imperative that animals be contained. Any sudden stops can cause injury if a pet is loose or they can escape out of the door when taking breaks. Your local pet store should carry pet harnesses or crates for traveling. If your furry friend gets sick or anxious while riding in a car, ask your vet for the necessary medication. And, of course, never leave a pet in a hot car!

Common courtesy is a must when staying at pet-friendly hotels, motels or resorts. Take dogs out for frequent bathroom breaks to insure no accidents in the room, pick up after your dog, don’t leave pets unattended for long periods of time…just remember, you are all guests!

We specialize in hotels that allow, that accept and that take pets. All hotels on this site are dog friendly hotels, dog friendly motels and dog friendly resorts. These are hotels that allow, that accept and that take cats and other pets unless otherwise specified.

At 1Click Pet Hotels we realize that it is important to take your pet with you during stays, visits and vacations.  We specialize in locating quality hotels, motels and resorts that will allow your pet (cats, dogs etc.) to join you while away from home.

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