If One Hotel In A Chain Is Pet friendly Are The Others?

Orlando Pet Friendly HotelsThe sad and unfortunate fact that many people learn in their travels is that not all hotels in a chain are the same. You may stay at a pet friendly hotel in Dallas and then expect the same chain to be pet friendly in Asheville but this may not be the case. That is why it is so crucial for you to call ahead and book your reservations and double check that pets are indeed allowed to stay there. Places like Orlando and Key West, Florence, Jacksonville and even Albuquerque over in New Mexico may have some of the best pet friendly hotels but not all of them will accommodate your pet.

Find A Pet Friendly Hotel In Albuquerque

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Many times a chain of anything hotels, restaurants or any other kind of store, is not all owned by the same people. They are franchises, or spin-offs that others have purchased. For example if you had the money you could buy a MacDonald’s, the same thing goes for many hotel chains. So if one owner is willing to allow pets to stay there another may not want to take the risk f damage and so forth. But in some cases the hotel chain may require certain rules to be followed and these rules could be to allow pets to stay at that establishment or not to. You see, it all depends on the hotel itself, so call ahead and find out if Fido can stay with you there.

Jacksonville Pet Friendly HotelsThe best places to stay with your pets are states such as California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. These places have many establishments that will cater to you and your pets every need and whim.

Here are some of the best cities to stay in when you are touring around the US with your pet:

San FranciscoSan DiegoMyrtle BeachAshevilleLas VegasAtlantaSavannahMemphisAlbuquerqueJacksonvilleFlorenceKey WestOrlando

At these places you and your pet will have the time of your lives. There are tons of great things for you to do together and apart so hit the road today and start living!

At 1Click Pet Hotels we realize that it is important to take your pet with you during stays, visits and vacations.  We specialize in locating quality hotels, motels and resorts that will allow your pet (cats, dogs etc.) to join you while away from home.

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