How to find out if a hotel chain is pet friendly

California Pet Friendly HotelsBefore you get in the car and hit the road you need to take a little time to make sure that you have actually chosen a hotel that will accommodate pets. While there are many that do, there are still many more that will not allow a pet to so much as step a paw on the property. That is the bad news. The good news is that in virtually every state, even Texas, Florida, California and Nevada have all kinds of great places where you can stay and where your pets are welcome. 

If you are still having trouble coming up with a great place to vacation with your pet, you may want to consider places like San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, Orlando or Savannah. These are all wonderful places full of sight and fund things to do with and without your pet. And they are very family-pet oriented.

San Francisco

San Francisco is full of some of the best must see attractions that the entire state of California has to offer. Whether you have taken the kids with you to San Francisco or you are on your own you have to see the Aquarium of the Bay. This is one of the most fabulous underwater aquariums ever designed. There are over 300 feet of glass tunnels in the sea for you to wander through while enjoying the sea animals living their regular everyday lives. It is amazing how close to them you can be in this aquarium. It is like a real dive!

What kind of trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Alcatraz? There are few words that can be used to describe the feelings that come up when walking through the now empty halls and cells. To see this famous place where some of the most dangerous of criminals lived for so long is breathtaking. You can feel the left over emotions and almost see the men still in their bunks. This should definitely be on the list of anyone who is planning a trip to San Francisco.

San Diego

If you love the outdoors then San Diego is the place for you. This is the perfect place to take the whole family, including your dog. In San Diego you will have a bounty of fu and exciting outdoor activities to choose from each day. The weather in San Diego is always amazing and you can go boating, hiking, bike riding boating or sunbathing all in the same day if you have the energy for it! San Diego is a warm and welcoming city that caters to its visitors with the utmost care.

There are a couple wonderful lakes that you can spend the day at in San Diego. You can get a personal watercraft and fly around in that for a while or you can simply sit on the beach and enjoy the view. Lake Hodges is also the perfect place for you and the family to learn how to windsurf. This is an amazing sport that you can play with for years to come. San Diego is the ultimate family getaway destination.

San DiegoOnce you have narrowed down your pet friendly hotel search, you should take some time to explore the internet to see what other people have had to say. Read some reviews on the hotels to see how they are in terms of cleanliness and service. Some hotels do not put as much work into their cleaning as they should and needless to say animal hotels that are not cleaned right have a tendency to smell.

If you are looking to stay In Texas, Florida, San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, Orlando or Savannah you will have an easy time of finding out more. These places are so popular with the pet friendly set that there is tons of info online. Make sure that you visit the hotels websites. There you can get a wealth of information about their rules and their services. It is fast and easy and best of all it will help you to determine just what the best pet friendly hotel is for your trip.

At 1Click Pet Hotels we realize that it is important to take your pet with you during stays, visits and vacations.  We specialize in locating quality hotels, motels and resorts that will allow your pet (cats, dogs etc.) to join you while away from home.

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