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pet friendly hotelsMillions of U.S. residents own a pet these days, and many are opting to travel with those four-legged family members. Before you set out on your journey, though, you’ll need to get your ducks (or in this case, dogs or cats) in a row. provides you with a myriad of pet-friendly hotels, motels & resorts throughout the U.S. If traveling during the holidays, be sure to book your reservations well in advance. Our comprehensive hotel, motel and resort listing provide information about restrictions, weight, size limits, extra daily fees and more.

petIf you’re traveling across state lines, ask your vet about what you’ll need to carry with you. All but four states currently require that dogs be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and most states ask for an interstate certificate of health.

If transporting your pet via air travel, be sure to arrive well in advance of take-off time to get your pet settled. A name I.D. tag and a proof of rabies tag should be securely fastened to your animal’s collar. Place a visible “LIVE ANIMAL” sign on the outside of the pet’s crate. Do not feed or water pet for several hours before a flight. Talk to your vet beforehand to see if he/she feels that a tranquilizer would ease the animal’s anxiety.

Going To Florida?  Try Key West & Orlando- Great Pet Friendly Hotels

There is so much to see and do in Florida and for years their roadside attractions have been drawing crowds. Most of these have moved on and evolved into the hottest attractions of today. Theme parks like Gatorland in Orlando and Key West Aquarium in Key West are these types of evolutions. They are loads of fun for the whole family, both young and old alike.

Gators have been one of Florida’s key attractions for generation. With their long and powerful whip like body and their giant maw, gators have thrilled the senses of visitors all throughout Florida. At Gatorland in Orlando you will get to see the biggest and the best of all gators. And when you visit Key West Aquarium you can do everything from petting a shark to learning how to raise baby sea turtles. This aquarium has spent a lot of their resources working with these little sea creatures. Florida has something for everyone so come and soak up the rays today.

Key West

Key West while being a part of Florida is a place all its own. When you visit Key West you will be getting an experience of a lifetime. It has all of the best elements of Florida going for it as well as all the best of the Caribbean. This is a great place for people to visit on their honeymoon and the perfect place for a family vacation. Everything in Key West is much more relaxed than anywhere else. The people are kind and welcoming and the beaches are to die for.

There are some of the most amazing sea life programs in Florida, specifically in Key West. Here you will be able to watch sea life intermingling in their own habitat. You can visit the Theater of the Sea to see the dolphins and the sea lions in all their glory. And this is just one of the many animal interaction programs that this part of Florida has to offer visitors. If you and your family are looking for the perfect place to go this year then look no further than Key West.


When you think of Orlando chances are that theme parks are the first things that come to mind. Disneyworld is known worldwide as the king of all theme parks. Everyone loves a good theme park and there is much more to Orlando than fun and thrilling rides. The shopping for instance is unlike anything that you have ever seen. And the museums are filled with some of the world’s most amazing finds.

There is much more to Orlando Florida than just Disneyworld. Seaworld is another hot spot that you and your family cannot afford to miss. There is a lot of adventure to be found in this fun and exciting park as well. What better way to experience and enjoy Florida and Orlando than by seeing the native creatures? That is what you get at SeaWorld. Seaworld in Orlando also has rides for the whole family to enjoy and for many people it is even superior to Disneyworld, even if it is smaller!

hotelsWhen packing for your pet, include a collapsible crate if going by car, a harness designed for animals for the car, plenty of their favorite food and treats, along with plenty of plastic bags for clean up.

Upon arrival at the hotel, spend time with your pet getting them acclimated to their new and strange surroundings. Allow for frequent bathroom breaks.

Bon voyage!!

We specialize in hotels that allow, that accept and that take pets. All hotels on this site are dog friendly hotels, dog friendly motels and dog friendly resorts. These are hotels that allow, that accept and that take cats and other pets unless otherwise specified.

At 1Click Pet Hotels we realize that it is important to take your pet with you during stays, visits and vacations.  We specialize in locating quality hotels, motels and resorts that will allow your pet (cats, dogs etc.) to join you while away from home.

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